Walker Industries manufactures two types of concrete portable barriers.  Precast concrete barriers are widely used for vehicular, construction, and building safety. Depending on the project, these barriers have the option of being installed permanently or temporarily. All median barriers are engineered to meet DOT standards.

Median Barrier

Precast concrete Median Barriers are longitudinal barriers that separate opposing traffic on a divided highway and are designed to redirect vehicles striking either side of the barrier. We manufacture 32” high by 10’ and 20’ sections. Custom sections are available upon request.

Harbor Barrier/Type A Barrier

Precast concrete Harbor Barriers or Type “A” Barriers are commonly used to protect harbor facilities and breakwaters. We manufacture 32” high by 10” wide at the top. Standard sectionsare 16’-5 ¼” long. They include embedded sleeves on the top to aid with the installation of line posts for fencing.