Other Products

Parking Bumpers

Precast Parking Bumpers are made in lengths of 3 and 6 feet. There are holes at each end of the bumper so that a ½” pin can be installed for anchoring the block to asphalt or concrete surfaces, which makes for easy installation.

Splash Blocks

Precast concrete splash blocks are made for the control of the run-off rainwater. They are placed under downspouts/gutters that help manage the flow of water.

Mooring Blocks

Our precast mooring blocks are designed to anchor down a vessel. An anchor mooring locks down a vessel’s position relative to where the block is at the bottom of a waterway without connecting the vessel to shore.

Wall Caps

Precast concrete caps are designed to be placed on top of pillars and or columns. They will protect any brick or stonework underneath from weather and corrosion. Not only do they protect but they add beautification to the landscape. They will be slightly larger in dimension than the column to allow for overhang.

Concrete Posts

Our concrete posts are 5’ tall x 6” square and weighs 188lbs. They are strong, long lasting and offer great fencing solutions. A fence is only as good as the post that supports it.

Tank Pads

Our precast tank pads are designed to create a stable platform for tanks of all sizes a footing under tank feet to distribute weight, the concrete exceeds industry standards for strength and is reinforced.

Concrete Safety Bollards

Precast Bollards are used to create a protective barrier and provide visual markers to enhance safety. Bollards are one of the best options for keeping pedestrians and building elements safe while directing the flow of traffic. We offer 4” and 7.5” diameter by 7’ long bollards.

Pier Blocks

Precast pier blocks are convenient to use because you don’t have to pour a footing, all you have to do is dig a hole and drop it in place.

Ecology Blocks

Ecology Blocks are precast concrete building blocks that are used to build a style of retaining wall. They fit together utilizing a lug system, as they are stacked together. Ecology blocks unique design allows for both permanent and or dismantled and reuse applications.

Deadman Anchors

Our 24” concrete Deadman anchors are used by utility companies to fasten the guy lines from utility posts. They are versatile and can be used to anchor various structures

Stair Treads

Our precast concrete stair treads are resistant to most substances and will not rust or corrode like metal stairs and are available in made-to-order sizes.

Burial Vaults

Our conventional double crypt molds are an economical way to make the best use of land where grave space is limited. Our precast vaults protect the casket from the weight of the earth and heavy maintenance equipment that may pass over the grave.